• Outer Envelopes:
    • Staggered:2.25 each
    • Centered:2.50 each
    • Opaque Envelopes that require hand ruling:2.75 each
    • Metalic Envelopes:3.00 each
    • Envelopes that require pre-treatment
      with spray fixative:2.75 each
  • Inner Envelopes:
    • Standard:1.00 each
    • Opaque or Envelopes that require hand ruling:1.25 each
  • Accessories:
    • Place Cards:1.00 each
    • Escort Cards:1.50 each
    • Table Number Cards:1.00 each
    • Table Name Cards:2.00+ each

  • Envelope stamping, stuffing, and hand canceling:1.00 each

  • Calligraphic Services by the Hour
    (Prayers, Poems, Book Inscriptions):40.00 per hour

  • Payment Options:Check or Cash


*To begin work, a 50% deposit is required.

*To accommodate additional guests being added,as well as corrections being made, please plan on providing 20% more envelopes

*Because each project requires a set up particular to that assignment, to do additional envelopes after an order has been completed is very time consuming. Therefore, there will be a $10.00 set up charge for each additional order placed one week after delivery. No set up fee will be charged if extra envelopes are ordered within 7 days from the original delivery date.


Dede Adams